Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Friend or Foe?

‘Twas not a great day
Cares with me I did carry
So I set out for a walk
But a demon didn’t let me be free

Drops of sunshine slip off the leaves

Intoxicated with a sudden joy, I cry, “Oh! This ego!
Thief you are! Stealing my peace?!"and I ask, "How dare you bother me so?!”

“How dare YOU say so?!" I hear!

"For it’s you who chose to carry me around!
Cast me away and just move on
Only then peace will be found!”

"So farewell to you, my long-time friend

For you make old ties meet sudden end!"
I was sad, but am glad now that I left behind far
my ego, for it is a deadly disease, my dear!

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