Thursday, March 26, 2015

I'm growing up with my son!

With the Board Exams going on in some parts of India, how do the moms feel? Here is one mom getting nervous over her son's future....

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A few days back, my son returned from school, his face flushed with excitement, his hand clutching a sheet of paper.

“What’s that in your hand?” I casually inquired as he headed straight for his room. It was very unusual of a boy who routinely loiters for an hour before going to freshen up.

“It has the lines ma’am wants me to deliver on the School Annual Day”, Dev said solemnly.

My son, all of seven years, who had earned a reputation as a sharp, but highly-distracted and happy-go-lucky boy, who seldom put in his best efforts, caught me by surprise when I overheard him practicing his lines again and again in the confines of his room. Was this the same Dev who had to be prodded for everything right from having his meals to catching his school bus?
The same week a parent-teacher meeting enlightened me that my son was only one of the few hand-picked by the teacher for delivering the opening lines for a program and that only the best one of the lot would be given a chance.

I didn’t have the heart to tell my son that his speech could be snatched away by his class-mate any time. “Who would be the lucky one?” I kept thinking.

Meanwhile his practice continued and his speech approached perfection. I had no choice but to get carried away with his dedication and determination for a flawless performance.

Surprisingly, I managed to find time to pray for him to be the luckiest one to bag the coveted role of the introducer of the program. Rarely having had the time to mull over such trivial things in the past, here I was secretly wishing that Dev’s oration impressed the teacher most. I forgot there are other mothers too who too are hoping, might be praying just like me. I forgot that my son is just in Grade Two and there might be hundreds of such opportunities coming his way.

And then it struck me. What if there is someone even better than him in his class? What if he loses the opportunity to deliver the lines on that special day?........

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