Wednesday, March 4, 2015


“I used to be the football captain team during my college days. Wonder why Dev isn’t crazy about outdoor sports the way I used to be,” thought aloud my husband. Dev is our almost ten-year-old son. That was some months back. Our son kept showing more interest in “Cops and Robbers” and a little bit in basketball and most in running around the whole neighbourhood and building a Bey-blade stadium with his friends, who too incidentally showed only a moderate degree of interest in cricket, uncharacteristic of pre-teens of our country where Sachin Tendulkar is a
household name and has a nation glued to TV on the days the Indian cricket team plays a match anywhere in the world.

“Even as a small town boy I was more into cricket than him,” lamented Dev’s father recently again. That most of the boys of our neighbourhood in our Bangalore city would give their right hand to their moms to be allowed unlimited hours of cricket and that Dev strangely was still happy with evenings of ‘Police and Robbers’ entirely didn’t help matters. This time I too couldn’t blame my husband for his comment. All he wanted to do was to watch a particular cricket match on TV – for which he had even returned home two good hours before his usual returning time - when our son decided not to be generous enough to switch from the Cartoon Network channel even for a while, not even to know the scores! Please don’t make the mistake of asking me what match it was, since I’m afraid I don’t understand much of cricket (almost nothing, actually) and therefore am never updated about what goes on in the world in this field.

Of late, playing inter-apartment complex-cricket matches has suddenly become the rage in our locality. The glamour of rubbing shoulders……..

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