Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The magic of spring!

In the last few brown leaves
I’ve found my shelter;
When the world’s too busy
To stand and stare,
I rain upon them
dry leaves in sudden shower.

After a year I’ve arrived
The new year I’m here to ring
in; celebrations all around -
I’m the much-awaited spring!

Draped no longer with greenery
The trees had withstood the wind so cold
When winter left, the flowers blossomed,
and a new story is about to unfold.

Rich is the blue sky above
Pouring out sunshine so bright
Fragrant is the breeze blowing
All around waits beautiful sight.

I’m here around you and everywhere
Only if you care to stop and see
The festival of flowers is back again
Pleased are the butterflies and every bee!

Cold winds no more keeping home
the animals; many a happy bird
bursting with full-throated song
Across meadows and fields they are heard.

Scorching rays would arrive to tire the Earth
and she’ll begin to moan in pain
The sky would relent and hide the sun
and down would come the fine light rain.

Harbinger of the monsoon it is
-       the sudden spell of rain
Winter, spring, summer and monsoon
India’s seasons are all bound in a chain

Behold the numerous hues in falling leaves
And celebrate the welcome changes in everything
Celebrate the buds and flowers
as lovely moments roll in with spring!

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