Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I had wished I could dream
I’m glad now I carry many a dream……..

A long morning I’d have with our daughter
Away from the routine
Giggling and exploring gardens
Where we’ve never been….

An afternoon of tea with memories of the years
That we’ve left behind as the calendar had to change
The ‘cell’ and the phone kept on ‘mute’
As stories with my husband I’d love to exchange

Evening would slow down
With our son holding the oars
Our boat rowing in dark blue waters
Before night opens her doors….

A long letter to some childhood friend
To wipe off the decades and the miles
My heart will be poured out, wounds shared
with words wrapped in tears and smiles….

A night I’d be under the moonlit sky
As stars would twinkle and shine
Constellations I’d watch and count
and click the silver mine!

To search for a meaning in life
I dive deep into my mind
More dreams keep cocooning there

With time, wings they’ll find!

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